questions for steve regarding group purchases

ian douglas ian.douglas at
Thu May 8 07:01:18 CEST 2008

Robin Paulson wrote:
 > steve, what methods are being considered by openmoko for group 

Hi Robin,

I can't speak directly for Steve and Openmoko, I'm guessing that once we 
get enough people for a bulk order, one of us will need to collect 
payments from everyone else, then place the order with Openmoko as a 
single buyer. Or, if they're feeling lucky/generous, place the order 
first, then hope the other people don't change their minds...

I've never used any escrow service, though PayPal is sort of a pseudo 
escrow service in that you can open a dispute to get your money back if 
you don't get the phone -- of course this leaves the person who paid for 
all 10 phones in a bad position because PayPal will take the money back 
from you and THEN ask for proof that you've indeed sent the phone and 
that it was received.

I imagine there are other online escrow services, but would like to hear 
of recommendations from other users.

Having to ship the phones to an actual escrow service doesn't sound very 
cost effective, by the time you pay an extra shipping charge and escrow 

Just my $0.02


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