Errr... 3d status?

Pietro "m0nt0" Montorfano monto84 at
Thu May 8 10:23:30 CEST 2008

Well, i don't want to make any flame/spam/anything-like-that, just a 
question to clarify how is the situation. Well, on the neo freerunner 
there will be the 3d capable chip which has its spec under NDA so it's 
impossible for anyone not in the OM company to implement the 3d driver 
and API right?
If so, in OM there will be someone which will ever implement this driver?
If not is there anyone out there which want to do that?
If so is it possible to make this incredible person part of OM to get 
around the NDA?
Last but not least, the company which is making the 3d chip can be 
persuaded in some manner to release the documentation about that chip (i 
was thinking about anyone interested in the freerunner can write a 
personal email to the company asking this...)?
There will be a hope that one day the freerunner will have 3d capabilities?

Thanks for any kind of reply!


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