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Flemming Richter Mikkelsen wrote:
| On Thu, May 8, 2008 at 5:17 PM, Joachim Steiger
<roh at> wrote:
|> hi michele
|> Michele Renda wrote:
|>> For openmok there is no difference, except than to pay x9 more payment fee.
|> i beg to differ. the whole handling would make the gain of readily
|> packaging 10-packs and ship these en bloc to one dest. vanish.
|> so larry is right. thats like requesting 10% generic discount
|> the whole point of it is: we are no escrow company, we are no bank, we
|> are not paypal.
|> we build the free and open mobile phone.
|> and we want to focus on that.
| I agree with Joachim.
| And one tips on how to solve this with payment. The person ordering
| the 10-pack could
| make a simple contract for payment & delivery of the phone. Then
| people could pay
| and as long as they can prove they payed, it would be up to the hub
| person to prove
| he sent the phone. The contract must include payment & shipping details.
| I will make a group order and have this kind of contract with some,
| because I do not
| have enough cash to order 22 phones ++.
| I think OM should just provide the 10-pack deal or the single phone
| deal. If people do
| not trust each other, then they order a single phone and get no
| quantum discount.
| This is not OM's problem. Please let OM do their job with developing
| the phone. They
| are not a shipping&insurance company.

I think the request was for Openmoko to let 10 people pay separately, but still
ship one package out. This solves half the trust issue people may have (namely,
the money half) as well as the issue where someone has to have at least $3700
around in order to place the order. My understanding was that there would still
be one shipment, and that there would still be trust issues with whomever
received the package, but there's still the community building aspect and such.

- --Bert
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