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Flemming Richter Mikkelsen quatrox at
Fri May 9 02:28:14 CEST 2008

>| And according me Openmoko is doing in hardware what Linux made in
>| software! And it is great.
> Same feeling here!!!

OM is doing some very important things. The thing which is most important
to me, is if they can make all HW producers write their drivers in GPL and
provide all the specification needed for any usage of their HW.

I really want a Linux enabled phone powered by FOSS. OM are helping me
by providing HW and FOSS SW that works together. It is our job to port OM
to other devices (such as Neonode N2) and to write good SW.

There is pros and cons by being open and supporting everything and the
negative parts are:
  - codecs must be run in SW because of the lack of HW to handle all open
    This could be solved with a FPGA, but that is added cost. I hope we get
    a FPGA in the future (they can be run time flashed in 1 micro sec for the
    codec the SW needs and this can be automated).
  - very limited amounts of chips available with open specs.
  - etc, etc
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