Gaming on Openmoko?

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The problem that I see with a virtual keypad (besides the lack of tactile feedback) is that the screen can only handle one button press at a time.  Most games require at least a d-pad and action button to be accessible at the same time in order to be playable.  Pacman doesn't though :-D.

Perhaps something workable can be thought up, though.  Personally, I thought it might be fun to use the bluetooth connection to talk to a Nintendo Wii controller, but those are as big as the Neo...


There  are some good java games for movile phone out there  than can be executed with jlimo. I was able to run some games in the dosbox in jlime so I supuse that a lot of oldies pc games can be runned in neo too.

About the key thing, despite we  loose part of the screen, I supose it can be relatively easy to implement an alternative keyboard as the included one but only with 8 directional keypad (this keypad willbe an 8 "swiched" one but can evolve to analogic) and two buttons A B as fire ,jump etc...

Mo Abrahams <moabrahams at> escribió: We don't have drivers for the 3D hardware, so I am afraid games like
that are a little out of the question... although I think that would
need something more powerful than what we have anyway wouldn't it?

Would be very happy to see somebody get 3D working though =)
It could be fun to see how app developers would exploit it, let alone
having 3D games... I was about to say someone should port some gameboy
emulator or something, since we do have 2D, but then the button thing
hit me =P

On Sat, 2008-05-10 at 00:04 +0200, ramsesoriginal wrote:
> I just watched,
> and asked myself what sorts of games are tested/planned/running on the
> freerunner: For example, is planet Penguin Racer Working?

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