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Thu May 8 17:38:13 CEST 2008

"Lally Singh" <lally.singh at> writes:

> Just to clarify, NB would run on a desktop computer, and cross compile for OM.
> I'm imagining a situation not unlike CW for Palm (I had to dev on that
> a few years ago).  It compiles the code and uploads it to the
> emulator, which you can run the debugger on.  Then you upload it to
> your OM device, and maybe do some more debugging on there.  I'll have
> to see what's required to get the debugger working on both the
> emulator and the actual dev.

It would be nice if the scripts to build and push code off to the
emulator and such were written as scripts or small utility programs
rather than being part of a Java IDE. Then different interfaces could
all use the convenience scripts (e.g. your netbeans IDE, Emacs, folks
manually pushing things the hard way).

Getting GDB to work on the emulator and device shouldn't be too
different; see chapter 17[0][1] of the GDB manual for info on how
remote debugging works. It should just be a matter of changing the
network address to which the gdb frontend is set to connect.

[0] (info "(gdb)Remote Debugging")

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