Alarmclock puzzle

Alexander Frøyseth alexander.froyseth at
Tue May 13 14:49:53 CEST 2008

Hello again
I just have an idea for an nice addon or software (call it what you 
want) to the alarmclock
Okey, let me tell a little story from real life.
Every day when I go to school, I have to wake up, and now I have 2 
alarmclocks, but still I manage to oversleep. Soo what I was thinking 
about was that I have to solve a puzzle to turn the alarmclock off, and 
not just push a button. One possibility is a 4 bits jigsaw puzzle like this:
another, and perhaps an more easy to make is that the screen shows fours 
digits that you have to click in right order to turn it off. Perhaps 
like an antibot test on websites.

I am more as an web programmer, so I isent so good to program software.

NOTE: You have to have the choice to turn this on and off when you sets 
the clock
Hope that someone think this is a good idea, and tries to program one.

Alexander Frøyseth

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