OpenMoko/iSCSI Initiator builds available for v2.6.24

Nicholas A. Bellinger nab at
Tue May 13 15:12:46 CEST 2008

Greetings all,

I spent some time this morning getting the OpenMoko/iSCSI Initiator
(client) builds running on sample GTA02 hardware.  So far iSCSI traffic
across Wifi and GPRS is running, and appears stable with a small (2 GB)
Ext3 volume mounted remotely from PS3-Linux iSCSI Target FILEIO object
(eg: the server).

So far, I am able to playback mp3s using the media player over
iSCSI/Wifi on the Freerunner, and added some WAN specific tuning to
core-iscsi that has been included into the first builds so interested
folks can start to test iSCSI/GPRS immediately.  I will be providing
additional setup information updates on the wiki in the very near
future, so please stay tuned. 

I have started a wiki entry (including first screenshot)

The .ipk are available from:

The Freerunner is connected to Playstation3/iSCSI running LIO-Target: 

Which should give you an idea of the types of iSCSI targets that a
Freerunner can be connected to. :-)


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