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Ulrik Rasmusen openmoko at
Tue May 13 17:54:45 CEST 2008

That's a really good idea! I thought of a similar idea the other day,
when I found out I'd fallen asleep on top of my phone (which I use as an
alarm clock), and hit snooze repeatedly in my sleep.

Also, I often forget when I have to get out of my door. For instance, my
train leaves at 10:00, and it takes 30 minutes to get out of bed, and
then 30 minutes on bike to the station. In half-sleep, my brain thinks
that I have to get up at 10:00 instead of 9:00, and I hit snooze until I
realize I'm a dummy.

It would therefore be really nice if you could see the accumulated
snooze-time, and maybe set a maximum after which the OpenMoko just
refuses to let you snooze any more.


On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 02:49:53PM +0200, Alexander Frøyseth wrote:
> Hello again
> I just have an idea for an nice addon or software (call it what you  
> want) to the alarmclock
> Okey, let me tell a little story from real life.
> Every day when I go to school, I have to wake up, and now I have 2  
> alarmclocks, but still I manage to oversleep. Soo what I was thinking  
> about was that I have to solve a puzzle to turn the alarmclock off, and  
> not just push a button. One possibility is a 4 bits jigsaw puzzle like 
> this:
> another, and perhaps an more easy to make is that the screen shows fours  
> digits that you have to click in right order to turn it off. Perhaps  
> like an antibot test on websites.
> I am more as an web programmer, so I isent so good to program software.
> NOTE: You have to have the choice to turn this on and off when you sets  
> the clock
> Hope that someone think this is a good idea, and tries to program one.
> Alexander Frøyseth
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