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Tue May 13 18:25:34 CEST 2008

Steven ** wrote:
> I have a similar problem, but came up with a slightly different
> approach.  I tend to snooze too much, so mine focuses on the snooze
> button.

Me too...!

> You'd start with 1 big snooze button that snoozes for x minutes.
> After x minutes, alarm sounds again, but there are now two or three
> buttons. Maybe you have to hit them in a particular order. Maybe pick
> 2 that are the right color. Snoozes for another x minutes.
> Next, has a screen with 9 buttons (big enough to use with fingers).
> The buttons flash (maybe play a sound) in a pattern. You have to
> repeat the pattern to snooze again.
> Etc
> Have snooze time configurable. User enters comma-separated list. Last
> number in list is repeated. Ie "10,9,5"

I like this so much! I always snooze really much and often I get up when 
it's already late :(.

Maybe it will be cool adding two alarms in one alarmclock:

  1) Time when the alarmclock should start playing the first alarm track
     that you can pause using a snooze button (better if applyint these
     ideas of a "progressive" snooze difficulty).
  2) Deadline-time when the alarmclock should start playing the "no more
     sleep" alarm that can't be stopped without using a quite hard puzle
     (i.e.: "Ehi guy, you should get up... NOW!")

Bye. :P

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