Alarmclock puzzle

Mo Abrahams moabrahams at
Tue May 13 18:34:44 CEST 2008

Although people will have to start setting their final alarm for ten
minutes earlier than they really need to get up, to give them time to
solve the really hard puzzle without making themselves late anyway.

How sensitive is GPS? An alarm that doesn't turn off until you leave
your bedroom would be a good one.

On Tue, 2008-05-13 at 18:25 +0200, "Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" wrote:
> Steven ** wrote:
> > I have a similar problem, but came up with a slightly different
> > approach.  I tend to snooze too much, so mine focuses on the snooze
> > button.
> Me too...!
> > You'd start with 1 big snooze button that snoozes for x minutes.
> > After x minutes, alarm sounds again, but there are now two or three
> > buttons. Maybe you have to hit them in a particular order. Maybe pick
> > 2 that are the right color. Snoozes for another x minutes.
> > Next, has a screen with 9 buttons (big enough to use with fingers).
> > The buttons flash (maybe play a sound) in a pattern. You have to
> > repeat the pattern to snooze again.
> > Etc
> > 
> > Have snooze time configurable. User enters comma-separated list. Last
> > number in list is repeated. Ie "10,9,5"
> I like this so much! I always snooze really much and often I get up when 
> it's already late :(.
> Maybe it will be cool adding two alarms in one alarmclock:
>   1) Time when the alarmclock should start playing the first alarm track
>      that you can pause using a snooze button (better if applyint these
>      ideas of a "progressive" snooze difficulty).
>   2) Deadline-time when the alarmclock should start playing the "no more
>      sleep" alarm that can't be stopped without using a quite hard puzle
>      (i.e.: "Ehi guy, you should get up... NOW!")
> Bye. :P

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