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Crane, Matthew mcrane03 at harris.com
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To beat this ad-nauseum.. 

>From wikipedia fat entry:

"Finally in November 1987, Compaq DOS 3.31 introduced what is today
called the FAT16 format, with the expansion of the 16-bit disk sector
index to 32 bits."

The fat32 section states:

"Microsoft decided to implement a newer generation of FAT, known as
FAT32, with cluster values held in a 32-bit field, of which 28 bits are
used to hold the cluster number, for a maximum of approximately 268
million (228) clusters. This would allow for drive sizes of up to 8
tebibytes with 32KiB clusters, but the boot sector uses a 32-bit field
for the sector count, limiting volume size to 2TiB on a hard disk with
512 byte sectors."

But really this amounts to an excuse to explain why they called it
fat32, which was really a marketing decsion.  No doubt if one were to
dig into the wiki logs the person who explained this probally edited
other M$ related entires.  (caffine induced paranoia?  Possibly..)

The core explanation being that M$ sucks.

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Crane, Matthew writes:
>Yea, I got the 32 number from another wikipedia page, I didn't infer it
>from the name.  I don't think it has much really to do with 32bits
>either for that matter, likely the "32" was entirely a marketing

No, the 32 means that the FAT entries are 32 bits (in contrast to the
earlier FAT aka FAT12 and FAT16 filesystems).

>But that doesn't matter, the important thing here is that Micro$oft

That's a separte issue :)

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