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> Also, I need to update everybody on software. 

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> the weekend is almost gone (actually it is already here in Germany,
> where it's 3:00 now), so where are the updates? :D

Since the last time someone made some prodding was successful, may
I ask for some official news on the software side?

I'm guessing it's everything at (which that page says
will be in alpha version next month) and (which really does raise
the question of how Android is expected to fit into this, and what some
of the new applications like illume, assassin, pidjin, etc really are).

Or maybe it's the test cases and test reports being publicly posted?

Btw, how deeply is enlightenment going to be involved in the OM
software? Are applications going to need to be programmed with EFL to
have a native look-and-feel on the Freerunner?

Joseph Booker
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