Alarmclock puzzle

Mike Montour mail at
Wed May 14 04:15:19 CEST 2008

Robin Paulson wrote:

> if we're designing alarm clocks for the neo, i'd love to see something
> like this implemented:
> it gradually turns on a bright light, to simulate the sun coming up.

I have basically the same thing with a lamp plugged into an X10 dimmer 
module, controlled by a cronjob running on a PC. The computer interface 
is a small wireless dongle that plugs into a serial port. A bit of 
Googling suggests that Bluetooth-to-RS232 converters exist, so it might 
be possible to rig up an X10 controller on a Neo.

And on the subject of alarm clocks, it should be possible to implement 
this one on the Freerunner: :)

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