Alarmclock puzzle

David Samblas Martinez dsamblas at
Wed May 14 09:27:17 CEST 2008

And then you will arrive late because you are trying
to beat up the 14th snozee Level :)

Really a lot of ideas have arrise to wake up  people
bu I have saw myself, in my "sleep mode", looking at
something black that beeps, brights an buzz and with
strange messages , colors and buttons on the screen...
.... I will tell my wife to record a message that
textually says every five seconds:"It cost 400$ DON'T
destroy it"

PD.-This I hope this message will be effective to my
wife too, is not very "wake up  friendly".
--- Hans L <thehans at> escribió:

> An interesting alarm would be a Simon(
> ) clone. 
> Instead of a
> monotone beep or music of a normal alarm, the sound
> you wake up to
> could be the game beeping the notes at you.  It
> could beep the
> sequence and wait a couple seconds for you to try to
> repeat it, and if
> no input, then it would play the sequence again. 
> The more you hit
> snooze, the longer the pattern becomes.  Start with
> maybe a sequence
> of 5 or so, and add a couple to the sequence each
> time.
> Actually, would be a fun game to have on there
> regardless of alarm clocks :-P
> Hans Loeblich
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