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Wed May 14 17:19:38 CEST 2008

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> Hi.
> Ole Tange napisał(a):
> If you are woken during periods of light sleep then you will feel more
> rested than if you are woken during deep sleep.
> To reliably identify when you are sleeping lightly we will need EEG.
> In a real life scenario that is not possible and it may be OK if the
> identification is not completely reliable.
> If we assume that you are more noisy (e.g. turning in you sleep) then
> we can use the noise level as indicator.
> I like the idea very much. I though about it a week ago! :-)
> You must know (and probably do about REM) the thing is, that the cycle with
> deep and shallow sleep takes about 1,5h. Optimal solution is to sleep during
> multiplies of 1,5h then you will wake up during shallow sleep and be more
> rested. My idea was to observe (by sounds and/or vision) sleeping person to
> guess when he/she fallen asleep. Then the 1,5h counter begins.
> Idea with ranges is awesome.

I think a combination of this and controlling an external light source could
manage to wake me up. No matter how loud the sound is, I would just
continue to sleep... ignoring the alarm. I hope this sleep pattern detection
is possible. If not, a mechanical lift under the top of the bed would help
(lifting the bed up to 80 deg so you get on your feat), but I can't afford it.

I hope there is somebody that can write an app for sleep state detection:)

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