The most baffling part of the GTA02 Quickstart page...

Michael Shiloh michael at
Wed May 14 20:39:14 CEST 2008

Not to spam the list, but to add to the quickstart web page. It's 
perfect Ian. Your camera is much better than mine at closeups.

Thanks Ian,


Ian Darwin wrote:
> Micheal have your daughter do a video for the page.
> ... is the MicroSD card. Having had my mitts on a pre-release GTA02
> device for a bit and read this page (
> and looked at the device (with great fear of damaging it), it took me a 
> long time to successfully insert the MicroSD card.  I got the SIM in
> ok, but that's much bigger and to my eyes much more scrutable.
> I've sent a photo to Michael, but it's kinda big to spam the list with 
> since most don't have GTA02's yet, but for now. read section 4.5 as:
> The Micro-SD card holder is held in place by a latching finger on either 
> side. It is easiest to open the Micro-SD card holder by releasing these 
> fingers one at a time rather than by lifting from the middle, as lifting 
> from the middle tends to increase the latching pressure.
>     Use a small screwdriver or knife to *carefully* lift first one
>     side then the other; the "fingers" are along the edge of the
>     MicroSD slot nearest the center of the device. Be careful not to
>     damage the contacts underneath here; the end where you're
>     working doesn't contact the Micro-SD card contacts, but you
>     don't want to short them out.
> Cheers
> Ian Darwin
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