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Thu May 15 01:33:33 CEST 2008

On Wed, 14 May 2008 11:36:44 -0700 "steve" <steve at> babbled:

> Raster, can you address the enlightenment issue mentioned below. I'd just
> beclown myself if I tried.

> Since the last time someone made some prodding was successful, may
> I ask for some official news on the software side?
> I'm guessing it's everything at
> (which that page says
> will be in alpha version next month) and
> (which really does raise
> the question of how Android is expected to fit into this, and what some
> of the new applications like illume, assassin, pidjin, etc really are).
> Or maybe it's the test cases and test reports being publicly posted?
> Btw, how deeply is enlightenment going to be involved in the OM
> software? Are applications going to need to be programmed with EFL to
> have a native look-and-feel on the Freerunner?

as such the software update has both qtopia on it as well as enlightenment as
the wm - yes, some apps use etk too. "native look" really doesn't exist. there
is no one homogeneous toolkit. qt has no changes made to its look and feel
currently. gtk does ship on the device. choose the toolkit you like. i really
do not like the whole mindset of "we must program in language X or use toolkit Y
because the device happens to use it somewhere in some apps by default". it's a
limiting view of the world. use what you work best with. EFL is good for doing
custom UI's (like WM's, media centers even filemanagers etc.). it's less strong
at "standard boring run-of-the-mill widgets" but can do it fairly easily. qt is
good for standard widget sets if u like c++. 

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