Quickstart web page my first manual readed before product release

Shachar Shemesh shachar at shemesh.biz
Thu May 15 06:40:09 CEST 2008

Michael Shiloh wrote:
> David Samblas Martinez wrote:
>> Since I was a young wannabe I like to read manuals, I  allways 
>> remember my first full specification readding at 13 years reading the 
>> full Epson ms-dos manuals (full command list especification included) 
>> 1 night before I can even start my first computer (an 8086)  because 
>> (damn it!) my family decided to go to soup that evening with my 
>> uncles...
>> Now I am a old an experienced wannabe and I cannot remember any other 
>> tech doc than make me feel so near again this first geek experience 
>> (near to drop a tear here)
>> Here again reading about manage something desired but not even (but 
>> so near.... ) in you hands.
>> Michael  in the chapter 7 is written "[...] Note that updating the 
>> root file system will erase any data you have added, such as contacts 
>> or calendar information. [...] "
>> some tar -cvzf backupneopimdata.tar.gz 
>> "watever/the/pims/apps/save/the/information" will be apreciated here 
>> to be able to restore this info after an update. Some more 
>> sophisticated backup solutions can be added lately as long as their 
>> are implemented and
>> will be  ok to add a link to http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Backup 
>> directly when this part has been developed.
> Hey David,
> That's a great idea. Thanks! I'll add it.
> Michael
Actually, what would be even a better idea is if we made sure we save 
nothing to the root file system. This is fairly common practice with 
embedded devices (where you usually use the root file system as a 
cramfs/squashfs image, which is mounted read only).

The main advantage of the single file notion is an upgrade path that is 
smooth. With a single file filesystem you don't get partial upgrades and 
other %@#$@!# that tends to screw up the end user. It is not as fun for 
developers, because changing anything requires going back to the dev env 
and regenerating the image, but it is much more end users friendly.

Maybe for the consumer edition?


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