clarification re easy OpenMoko updating for "average" consumer

Ron K. Jeffries rjeffries at
Thu May 15 20:37:16 CEST 2008

my screed apparently did not communicate what
I meant to ask. bear with me. (donning fireproof clothing).

As an Ubuntu *user* every now and then I get an alert that
upgrades are available. If I say "yes" it automagically fires up
a package manager. I enter the my root password,
and  a few minutes later it's a done deal. Smooth, easy,
does not require IQ of 175+

for a major Ubuntu upgrade, e,g from Gutsy 7.10
to Hardy 8.04, I select an upgrade button, and
sit back while magic happened.

when I rebooted, I was on 8.04.

I did NOT lose my address book, either. <g>

ok that last comment was a bit snarky.
and uncalled for.

pls remember, I DO understand that for the next
six months or maybe 12 months, the environment
and software stability is not intended for "just users"
like me.

and maybe Freerunner forever remains a niche
device for Linux developers and hackers.
That's OK. But then technical users 9but non-hackers)
may be better served by some other flavor of Linux
mobile phone.

Just sayin'.

Ron K. Jeffries
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