Software Status Update

cedric cellier rixed at
Fri May 16 07:56:22 CEST 2008

> as such the software update has both qtopia on it as well as enlightenment as
> the wm - yes, some apps use etk too.  "native look" really doesn't exist. there
> is no one homogeneous toolkit. qt has no changes made to its look and feel
> currently. gtk does ship on the device. choose the toolkit you like.

And we are supposed to think that the lack of homogeneous look n feel is
a bonus ?

Aside from that user perspective, what RAM is required if the phone runs
simultaneously some apps that use the three libraries ?

> i really
> do not like the whole mindset of "we must program in language X or use toolkit Y
> because the device happens to use it somewhere in some apps by default". it's a
> limiting view of the world.

Sound like someone who've just coded "yet another toolkit" :)

The geek designed phone is going to have more toolkits and languages
embedded than apps...

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