Seat in embedded Linux training session offered to a contributor

enaut enaut.w at
Fri May 16 08:58:44 CEST 2008

Bastian Muck schrieb:
> Sounds interresting, but as a student (from germany) I don't have the
> money for the journey and less for the hotel and food. But I think,
> there will be others who do have.
> Greetings Bastian
As a student you may be interested in services like
or Both sites are basicly the same. they are
about getting to know people and other cultures by hosting some members
for free... I never used it as a guest but I hosted several people.
However there are the costs for the flight andthe food remaining... to
optimize them use or hitchhike ;) last time i
Hitchhiked in France I made it from south germany to paris in 8 hours
and to Spain in 2 days.

so money should really be no problem. ;)

greetings enaut

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