CDCE (was: Freerunner on a Mac ...)

Ian Darwin ian at
Fri May 16 17:08:25 CEST 2008

>     cdce[1] is the ethernet -over-usb driver in FreeBSD. To test it, you
>     can do 'kldload if_cdce', then see the man page.
>     Last time I tested it, it worked without problems.

The cdce driver is also in OpenBSD (and presumably NetBSD); on Open at 
least it is in the generic kernel so you don't have to worry about 
modloading it or testing for it.

The name is not arbitrary, btw. The USB standard defines these things as 
"Communication Device Class - Ethernet".

The BSDs like to give things real names like that, compared to Linux's 
somewhat boring technique of calling all network devices "eth" (even 
ones that don't actually use Ethernet). I guess it's just a style 
thing... (he says, trying to duck the resulting flamefest)...

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