Will GTK be used in Openmoko?

Michele Renda michele.renda at gmail.com
Fri May 16 21:09:37 CEST 2008

Mo Abrahams wrote:
> I have a bad habit of always wanting the best of the best,
:)  I think that with Freerunner you will have a lot to enjoy. A open 
development show you all the bug/problem of a product. There is no 
marketing office that say you that their product is the best!
I don't think Freerunner is the best of the best. It will have issues, 
it will be buggy, it will not be stable for a long time, may be it will 
not follow all the best design pratice, but it will be mine :)
>  so when I
> know that one toolkit has a feature I would find useful, but we are
> using another, I cannot help feeling a little let down, but as I do with
> all products (because this bad habit can be a bitch when it comes to
> buying things) I ask myself if I hadn't read about it, would I miss it?
> And the answer is usually no. Whilst extra language features would be
> great, if nobody had mentioned them it wouldn't have crossed my mind,
> and now that somebody has it is something that we can all work towards
> as a community. EFL is nowhere near as mature is GTK, but it is exactly
> a project like this that can change that. Somebody will see something
> missing in OpenMoko, realise it is due to an inadequacy of
> Enlightenment, and will fix it upstream for everyone to benefit from.
:) Yes, may be it will be a big possibility for Enlightement. Linux is 
great according me due to his diversity. We have a lot of DE (GNOME, 
KDE, XFCE, E17), a lot of tookit (GTK, QT, EFL, etc.), a lot of forks! 
According one this is a weak point of Linux. I think that differences 
may create innovation. Openmoko decide to "invest" on EFL. It is a 
courageous choose. I hope they (or we? :) will be lucky. In every case, 
we can always to use GTK or QT or what we want! (Ps. who speak is a 
person that like to use homogeneous application but use to all his pc 
different combinations of Linux distro and DE)
> Well said. In fact, don't just enjoy with OpenMoko, enjoy being a part
> of OpenMoko.
In the end I think that we are Openmoko (not only the Openmoko 
developer). If we flame, external people will think that we are good 
only for flame. But if we enjoy, I think people will start to join us.

And how said someone:
"the pioneers suffer marking the way, others enjoy the see / travel the 
traced path"

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