Wireless Cracking / Hacking on the FreeRunner

Brandon Kruse admteamkruz at gmail.com
Sat May 17 02:03:54 CEST 2008

I have a number of programs that I use, and some that I wrote, for
professional security pen testing (with permission).

I was thinking of making a quick package for doing this automagically.

(btw, does the neo support wpa/wpa2?)

At the very least, it can cache enough requests on the wireless network
with a couple programs, which you could then brute force on a desktop
pc over a few hours / days depending on your machine.

You could do the WHOLE wep (64bit and 128bit) crack within 20-30 minutes on
my 350mghz oldschool
dell laptop. Would anyone be interested in this?

Dealing with WPA/WPA2 is a bit different, but the key to attack can be
'cached' for brute for on another PC later. (or the NEO if wanted)

I would have to see if the drivers support being set in 'promiscuous' mode,

What do you guys think? Definitely taking the freerunner into a completely
market, which I think would be pretty cool.

The end result would be to have a program you run, chose a wireless network,
and then
show reports of the program, cracking success/failure, etc.

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