Wireless Cracking / Hacking on the FreeRunner

Fabian Off fabian2de-mailinglisten at yahoo.de
Sat May 17 03:28:00 CEST 2008

Of course, it'd be pretty nice to just take your phone
and test your network's security level (which, of
course is too low if you're using WEP) But there are
two major problems, I see: First, I believe the
transmission power of the Freerunner will be kind of
limited, compared to, say an mobile Wifi-Chip for
laptops. Thus you may not reach the network when
you're not physically near the ap AND the clients.
Second, the power of the phone's batteryreally is
limited. Sending injected packages and dumping all the
resulting traffic means a lot of work for the cpu. I
can't believe the Freerunner will be able to do so...
Third and last thing: by now, there is no possibility
to get the wifichip to operate in 'monitor mode'. One
of the developers said that this neither is nor will
become one of the main things to focus on. If nobody
finds time to develop a solution for this, your
applications won't work at all. And even if monitoring
works, injections are needed as well to do the attack
in a reasonable time.
Sorry if all this sounds negativ, but knowing what
work was neccessary to get this running on a macbook
with an atheros chip, I am really sure there arw more
important things to do by now.

  Fabian Off
(Sorry if there are any mistakes in my text, but this
is written lying in the bed using an ipod touch...
PLEASE let the Freerunner be better than this!!!!!)
> Brandon Kruse wrote:
> > What do you guys think? Definitely taking the
> freerunner into a 
> > completely different market, which I think would
> be pretty cool.
> My $0.02 is that it'd be a handy security test, but
> also hits a bit of a 
> gray area where it could be abused too.
> Is it based on airsnort or something?
> -id 

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