Barometric altimeter on 'future' Freerunner ?

Erland Lewin erland at
Sat May 17 17:21:20 CEST 2008

2008/5/17 Matthias Schulze <matthias_schulze at>:

> I am wondering about applications possible with the Freerunner
> (connected via usb) or later phone models, if a barometric altimeter
> would be included.

I like the idea.

I was looking at Suunto watches a while back, and I think they had some way
of handling whether to interpret air pressure changes as weather change or
altitude change. Of course, with a GPS & accellerometers, we can probably
tell if the phone is moving or not.

A 3 axis magnetometer (compass) would also be a cool thing to have on the

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