IAX2/Asterisk + Openmoko FreeRunner

Andy Powell openmoko at automated.it
Sat May 17 17:31:09 CEST 2008

On Saturday 17 May 2008 01:06, Brandon Kruse wrote:
> One more thing,
> The Digium Asterisk-GUI was designed ALL clientside (It is ALL javascript).

That's not always a good thing.

> Trixbox uses PHP/mysql/apache2, whereas the AsteriskGUI uses the builtin
> Asterisk HTTP Server, and javascript files (because we believe that there
> should never be unneeded load on the box that your phone calls are running
> through. )

You're still running an http server on your asterisk box. You could offload 
even more by using something like my mysqlswitch and a 2nd box for mysql + 
Apache. In reality most people are either running asterisk at home where it 
doesn't matter or running it 'big time' where the gui is no use / too slow. I 
still believe that an internal http server is just so wrong in the first 
place - but you're entitled to your opinion ;) 

Good work with the iax2 integration. Some integration with the contacts would 
be really useful, perhaps a voip number. I have here a Pirelli DP-L10 sip+gsm 
phone which has a really nice feature, the ability to set a preferred network 
to dial from, 

GSM Only
GSM Preferred
VOIP Preferred

Obviously the 'Only' options are just that network, the 'Preferred' options 
will try the  preferred method and if that fails (no coverage, no wifi etc) 
it tries the other. So basically I have it VOIP and it'll fallback to GSM 
when my asterisk box can't be reached.  The downside is that SIP suffers from 
so many issues with the separate audio / control paths. IAX2, as you're 
obviously well aware, cures this. 

Is this limited to the freerunner just because of wifi or is there some other 
reason? I'm thinking BT or teathered (sp) would still be useful on the gta01.

Looking forward to getting my grubby paws on it  :D


Andy / ScaredyCat

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