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Sun May 18 00:42:08 CEST 2008

On May 17, 2008, at 4:19 PM, Andy Powell <openmoko at automated.it> wrote:

> On Saturday 17 May 2008 20:55, Brandon Kruse wrote:
> <snip>
>>> I think that it's a dialer function - however it would be nice if  
>>> other
>>> applications could tell the dialer how to dial. Since dbus seems  
>>> to be
>>> the interface that's going to be used it might be nice to have the  
>>> option
>>> there too. In essence you can configure this option from the  
>>> dialer or
>>> any other application that sends a message via dbus - this seems  
>>> the most
>>> flexible and
>>> would allow an application to tell the dialer 'Please dial this  
>>> number,
>>> via VOIP'
>> I am a little confused about where we would want the options (eg  
>> Preferred
>> voip, preferred GSM, etc)
> Actually, just thinking about it the dialer could just read the  
> settings using
> gconf then in the 'system preferences application' you could set  
> which you
> wanted.
>> I remember mickey discussing the strong API for using dbus. I am  
>> loving
>> this, as I use
>> dbus in a lot of other applications, specifically with glib. It's  
>> as simple
>> as signal_connect('sig-name, aka new-phone-call', callback_func);
> it was a knee jerk  reaction from me ... I'd like to see dbus  
> support in the
> dialer. The settings stored in the gconf db could be temporarily  
> overridden
> by a dbus call when dialing a number
>> I will look into the Dialer for this. Obviously this is going to  
>> take a lot
>> more work that just getting the underlying iax2 working, it
>> will almost be enough for 2 separate projects. (Exposing events of  
>> the
>> dialer over dbus, if it is not already, etc).
>> Um, you can use the ipkg for installation, instructions on
>> http://bkruse.com
>> I had a pretty crazy build environment for iaxclient, as it was not
>> supposed to natively compile for ARM (That was a crazy night.)
>> Ok, just checked out the source again. iaxclient_moko (in trunk) is  
>> the one
>> you want. I am not sure if you can
>> get it to build, I need to add those kinds of things to the  
>> configuration
>> script, hence the reason I released the ipkg
>> so soon :P
>> The other directories are third party libs that iaxclient depends  
>> on, that
>> are also setup to cross-compile.
> libogg, portaudio and libspeex compiled ok, although I have to  
> change libtool
> to say where arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi-ranlib was located.
> iaxclient_moko however refuses to find the installed portaudio
> :(
>> You should be able to make an iax call with the test client.
>> After that works great, and the source works/builds ok, then I will  
>> start
>> implementing into the dialer.
>> Once I can make a call through iax, using the dialer, I will work on
>> another program (using dbus) for auto-detecting
>> AP's. (Eg keep scanning, there is probably already a mechanism to  
>> do this.)
>>> Install the ipkg, and do a testcall --help (it's in /usr/bin or / 
>>> bin,
> I'll give it a go, I would prefer to build from source if I can fix  
> my issue.
>> Btw, are you currently building freerunner images?
> Not that regularly, but it's a trivial thing to switch.

The freerunner images would be great, and its great that you can get  
it to build with the latest toolchain stuff, etc. I might build a  
quick script tonight to go from checkout to ipkg. Anything you can do  
to make it more system universal would rock! (I think I have hardcoded  
paths in a lot of places).

I would love to update the ipkg on the site also.

Thanks for everything scaredy :)

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