IAX2/Asterisk + Openmoko FreeRunner

Stroller linux.luser at myrealbox.com
Sun May 18 10:45:11 CEST 2008

On 17 May 2008, at 18:16, Doug Hawkins wrote:
> ...
> There are a few "hassles" with the Nokia software that I'm looking  
> forward to making sure are "clean" with the OpenMoko system when I  
> get to start playing on one.  One is that on some "free" (airport &  
> community) WiFi systems, you have to open a web page and "accept"  
> the terms and conditions before it will allow any traffic (VoIP or  
> otherwise), so I'd like to make a routine that will run a config  
> script to accept the "terms" based on the network I'm connecting  
> with (e.g.: look up ESSID in a database to find out that a certain  
> webpage's button needs to be 'clicked' and perform that task).  The  
> other is to optionally connect to any open WiFi networks as I pass  
> through them (ESSID scanning & connect attempts through open AP's).

I'm not sure that this should be handled by the VoIP software.

Although I'd like VoIP on my Freerunner, a greater priority for me is  
that the IMAP client should automatically check for new messages.

On my present mobile (Sony Ericson P990i) one has to open the  
messaging program, select the IMAP account and then "select send &  
receive" from a drop-down menu. That this is so fiddly simply means  
that I never do it, and if I must check for an important new message  
when away from home then the client has to sync through weeks of new  
messages in my inbox (yes, I should keep it more tidy!) before  
downloading today's messages.

I had envisioned writing a Bash script to run in cron every few  
minutes: to switch on wifi, scan for networks and connect to any on  
an "allowed" list; a background IMAP send-and-receive can then be  
performed if a working wifi connection is found. If we are to have  
multiple applications checking for wifi availability then I guess  
that should be done in one place?


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