IAX2/Asterisk + Openmoko FreeRunner

Brandon Kruse admteamkruz at gmail.com
Sun May 18 17:18:10 CEST 2008

On May 18, 2008, at 3:45 AM, Stroller <linux.luser at myrealbox.com> wrote:

> On 17 May 2008, at 18:16, Doug Hawkins wrote:
>> ...
>> There are a few "hassles" with the Nokia software that I'm looking  
>> forward to making sure are "clean" with the OpenMoko system when I  
>> get to start playing on one.  One is that on some "free" (airport &  
>> community) WiFi systems, you have to open a web page and "accept"  
>> the terms and conditions before it will allow any traffic (VoIP or  
>> otherwise), so I'd like to make a routine that will run a config  
>> script to accept the "terms" based on the network I'm connecting  
>> with (e.g.: look up ESSID in a database to find out that a certain  
>> webpage's button needs to be 'clicked' and perform that task).  The  
>> other is to optionally connect to any open WiFi networks as I pass  
>> through them (ESSID scanning & connect attempts through open AP's).
> I'm not sure that this should be handled by the VoIP software.
> Although I'd like VoIP on my Freerunner, a greater priority for me  
> is that the IMAP client should automatically check for new messages.
> On my present mobile (Sony Ericson P990i) one has to open the  
> messaging program, select the IMAP account and then "select send &  
> receive" from a drop-down menu. That this is so fiddly simply means  
> that I never do it, and if I must check for an important new message  
> when away from home then the client has to sync through weeks of new  
> messages in my inbox (yes, I should keep it more tidy!) before  
> downloading today's messages.
> I had envisioned writing a Bash script to run in cron every few  
> minutes: to switch on wifi, scan for networks and connect to any on  
> an "allowed" list; a background IMAP send-and-receive can then be  
> performed if a working wifi connection is found. If we are to have  
> multiple applications checking for wifi availability then I guess  
> that should be done in one place?
> Stroller.
Maybe a bash script isn't the best idea, but could be a start. I  
envisioned a simple C program to just hook to the driver, or look at  
other code that does active scanning (net stumbler style), then firing  
off a dbus message when status changes.

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