Will GTK be used in Openmoko?

Piotr Duda openmoko at nemezis.eu
Mon May 19 02:20:39 CEST 2008

maybe Im missing something but I couldnt find where Shachar demands from
openmoko to give him support for his language.... it looks like he is
disappointed with decision of moving from gtk to efl (just because the
first one has some ready to use tools to implement support for his
well, IIRC from the beginning openmoko was supposed to be based on gtk
(I can remember the flame war gtk vs qt some time ago) and I can imagine
that he could have found this project interesting just because of that...
and now, unexpectedly, we have such a big change... If Im right, I think
he has right to feel disappointed....
I know that gtk will be there also, but main openmoko apps, the one which
will officially be supported, will be not based on it and this makes
a *big* difference...

Im definitively not in position to judge this decision now and this is not
my point... ;-P

good luck for OM team with bringing the first free phone to us, and good
luck for Shachar in his search for some alternative solutions...


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