Will GTK be used in Openmoko?

Piotr Duda openmoko at nemezis.eu
Mon May 19 09:31:15 CEST 2008

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) belkocze:
> please READ THE EMAIL. suddenly the use of efl means "We are efl based". the
> non-use of shipepd gtk apps means "we dont support gtk" and so on are all
> bizarre views people hold and are espousing on these lists. they are not true.
> we use EFL for certain apps and uses. 

I do not know details about what this certain apps are, but one can assume that
these would be apps I called "main" (dialer, phonebook etc.)... If thats not true
please tell me, I dont think that was said clearly on this ML... if it is true,
then we can argue what means "based on" but I cant see any reason to argue about
that... ;-)

it's good at certain things.

like I said, Im not trying to judge this...

> to keep
> supporting gtk and all other toolkits we have gone to effort to support it
> under X11. we still use X - all toolkits still work.

Im very happy with that, even more that it seemed to me that some time ago it
was not supposed to be like that (I dont have time to dig ml archives to recall
if it was clearly stated by OM team, during gtk vs qt flamewar and its totally
unimportant now)

> shachar *IS* asking for work. he's saying "use gtk! dont use efl! it doesnt
> support hebrew and arabic and farsi... bidi". that means WORK for US. we nave
> to re-implement from basics the things EFL then does for us already.  

I just said that I couldnt find where Shachar demands for support hebrew and
arabic and farsi from the OM team... Im not so close to OM development process
like you and dont know the status of the development when it was aimed on
gtk, so like many others in this community I can just assume something, for
example that a lot of work was put already there - and this could bring some
questions and some doubts and some disappointments (like Shachar's)...
also, i cant remember it was clearly announced (the move from gtk only to
efl and gtk and qt) its looks like it came to the surface itself, but still
one could feel surprised (like Michael Shiloh seemed to be ;-)

_I strongly believe that you know what you are doing, please dont assume that
you have to convince me to anything..._

Im not trying to continue this thread, Im not trying to start any flame wars
about one toolkit vs another... Im very sorry if it looked like this - it was
no my intention... :-)


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