GPRS IP Networking

Tim te_acrid at
Mon May 19 13:35:41 CEST 2008


I tried it two years ago with the german provider "base" (they had the 
first UMTS/GPRS flatrate). They gave my device some internal IP address. 
To get my device accessible from the internet I wrote a script that 
build an SSH tunnel (with port forwarding from server to mobile device) 
from the mobile device to my server on the "real" internet. Worked 
pretty well, but it's not really efficient that way. With that kind of 
TCP connection and a script checking if the tunnel is still valid you 
will waste a lot of energy.


Steven Kurylo schrieb:
> Does someone know how IP addresses are handed out on the cellular
> network?  Do they give each phone an IP address, or do they do NAT?  I
> want to know if I'll be able to connect to my freerunner over GPRS,
> say I wanted to ssh into it.
> I've been searching the internet and haven't found an answer.  I
> connected to my website with my blackberry and saw different IP
> addresses for different requests; makes me think they have an outgoing
> NAT pool.  Of course this could also be carrier dependent.
> Thanks.

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