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Samuel Melrose sam at
Mon May 19 14:12:54 CEST 2008

Hey everyone,
I noticed on the wiki that there was some discussion about a  
distribution center in Europe to make it easier for people over here  
to purchase Neo phones (well, I'm sure I remember reading it  
somewhere, unless it was a very weird dream, but nevermind =S). If I  
am correct, it said that it was looked into but came over as too  
expensive? Or not viable for the company?
I know its not very business or probably very professional, but I just  
wanted to offer the hand of my local Linux User group here in the UK.  
We've always looking for a project to help the Linux community, and I  
have been watching this one for a long time, and if I could help it  
would be a great achievement to my self.
Not sure if its something that would be useful, as I know there is  
already the 10-pack thing. Just wanted to offer a helping hand if  
Openmoko want us to help ship orders across Europe from the web store  
instead of it being from the US, if this will cut costs?

Probably a very stupid suggestion, as I know the phone side is more of  
business, but hey, worth the offer, no? =].

Thanks very much,
Samuel Melrose
sam at

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