ASU software - pre-pre-release impressions

Ian Darwin ian at
Mon May 19 18:16:30 CEST 2008

> I would like to know if the original GTK-based libraries and apps have
> been left in a decent (useable) state, and if it will be possible to
> switch to them in a direct and clean way.

OF COURSE THEY ARE!!!! :-) Carsten has made it very clear on this same
list within the last few days that all the major libraries - GTK+2,
QT, efl, - are and will be available.

> Thanks for letting us know. This makes the phone much less hackable
> for me (c++-based) and thus, if this decision is not reverted, I will
> most probably not buy the phone, at least for now.

All the libraries are there. All toolkits. All languages(*). It is 
just as hackable as it was. 

"Make of it what you will shall be the whole of thy law".

Ian Darwin

* C and C++ and sh ship; many others available but you may have to "opkg install" them.
For Java(tm) install Jalimo. Other languages available. Your language may vary.

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