ASU software - pre-pre-release impressions

Travis Tabbal travis at
Mon May 19 19:10:50 CEST 2008

On Mon, May 19, 2008 at 10:49 AM, Carlo E. Prelz <fluido at> wrote:

> Those apps are the heart of the phone, and I would not want to have
> C++/QT versions running on my phone.

I really don't understand the sentiment there. If the app works well and
gets the job done, why does it matter what language it's written in or what
widget toolkit it uses? I could see not wanting a closed app on OM, but it
sounds like there is source available. Ideally, all interaction at the API
level could go through something like dbus and then you could write your
plugin in LISP or BASIC for all anyone else cares. I doubt we are there yet,
but it could be added as we go along.

Or, you could pick up the older GTK apps and finish them up. It sounds like
the shipping apps are a placeholder to get a nice working phone for shipping
Freerunner. It's an open platform, so switch them out if you want the other
ones. Or improve the new ones. Or write new ones from scratch in Ruby.
Whatever. :)
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