Whats up with the freerunner mass production?

Alexander Frøyseth alexander.froyseth at gmail.com
Mon May 19 22:18:41 CEST 2008

Can you estimate a time frame?

Alexander Frøyseth
steve skrev:
>  The factory made us do one more Pre MP run to maximize yield. basically you
> build a XyZ phones. you test them, Xy%  pass the test, and the factory says.
> "good. can you reduce the test time and decrease the false negatives on the
> test software, because that bad phone really was good." arrg.
> Talked to sean this AM and everything looks good. 
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> Subject: Whats up with the freerunner mass production?
> Hey guys,
> A few days ago, Steve said that the mass production will start on May
> 16...now, we have May 19 and I haven't found any announcement/confirmation
> that they are producing...so whats up?
> Are they already producing the Freerunner?
> Steffen

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