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Tue May 20 01:39:44 CEST 2008

Michael Shiloh wrote:
> I've just posted about the software update that has been discussed here 
> today, so I figured I'd take this opportunity to tell you all about my 
> blog:


Here is another FAQ entry (with a few holes to be filled in):


Q) How do I preserve my Contacts, Calendar etc information when 
re-flashing to a later snapshot?

A) Bearing in mind that this is early-access software, we do not 
recommend that you store large volumes of valuable contact or calendar 
information in your phone. However, some people have used the following 
procedures for their most immediate contacts.

If you're using a pre-ASU snapshot, all such files are stored in 
~/.evolution (/home/root/.evolution), and are in "Evolution Database 
Format"; you could in theory copy this information to your desktop and 
access it via Evolution or EDS (or vice versa).

If you're using ASU, this information is stored [WHERE???], and is 
stored in a QTopia-specific format.

Copy the appropriated directories someplace safe BEFORE re-flashing the 
phone. Either scp -r them from the phone to your desktop, or, cp -r them 
to the micro-SD card (assuming you put the card in and that it still has 
space): cp -r [directories listed above] /media/card/.

Then re-flash the phone, and copy the files back.

Note: the format of these files is subject to change.

Or, [THIS IS UNTESTED] download the QTopia Desktop and synchronize your 
phone with your desktop. The download site is for 
common platforms; for unsupported platforms, you could maybe get the 
"QTopia Open Source Download" and extract and build the QTopia Desktop 
from that.


If anybody knows the location of the files that QT contacts uses, or has 
actually tried the QTopia Desktop with the new ASU image, please pipe 
in! (Please don't guess, because you might cause somebody to waste a lot 
of time, or lose data :-))


Ian Darwin

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