GPRS IP Networking

Steven Kurylo sk at
Tue May 20 02:52:33 CEST 2008

> Erm, you say that SMS is free, or at-least receiving them is. Maybe if you
> could implement such an application, you could get your server to SMS your
> phone when you have important messages with a special trigger code, and then
> you're phone would connect and download the messages?
> Not sure if this is possible, or if it would be cheaper / waste of time...
> But if you were going with text messages, it'd be expensive to fit anything
> more than a small message on?

Yes, I was thinking I'd put a filter on my imap server which would
send an SMS when messages come in.  When the phone receives the SMS it
would check for new mail.  It had crossed my mind to stuff message
headers into the sms too.  Then you could decide if its worth
downloading the full message over gprs.

I just have a bunch of ideas in my head, though it does look like I
might have to make a imap client first as I don't see on yet :-)

Steven Kurylo

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