GPRS IP Networking

Bastian Muck bastian.muck at
Tue May 20 03:31:34 CEST 2008

What about the Email-Push-Service. I don't know if this is provider 
specific. T-Mobile Germany offers this service for about 5 €/month with 
free transfer. I don't know how it works, but the name makes me think, 
the provider "pushes" the mail to the phone.
Any ideas?

Greetings Bastian

Steven Kurylo schrieb:
>> Erm, you say that SMS is free, or at-least receiving them is. Maybe if you
>> could implement such an application, you could get your server to SMS your
>> phone when you have important messages with a special trigger code, and then
>> you're phone would connect and download the messages?
>> Not sure if this is possible, or if it would be cheaper / waste of time...
>> But if you were going with text messages, it'd be expensive to fit anything
>> more than a small message on?
> Yes, I was thinking I'd put a filter on my imap server which would
> send an SMS when messages come in.  When the phone receives the SMS it
> would check for new mail.  It had crossed my mind to stuff message
> headers into the sms too.  Then you could decide if its worth
> downloading the full message over gprs.
> I just have a bunch of ideas in my head, though it does look like I
> might have to make a imap client first as I don't see on yet :-)

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