Will GTK be used in Openmoko?

Lalo Martins lalo.martins at gmail.com
Tue May 20 09:06:10 CEST 2008

Also spracht Shachar Shemesh (Fri, 16 May 2008 08:19:31 +0300):
> Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
>> On Thu, 15 May 2008 20:58:48 +0300 Shachar Shemesh
>> <shachar at shemesh.biz> babbled:
>> indeed. but most of the world does use languages that for display
>> purposes are 1 glyph per letter and happily drawn left to right.
> Do remind me how many people live in China. Last time I checked,
> traditional Chinese would not accept left to right input, nor simple key
> presses, nor went below a sixth of the world's population.

Which proves Raster right... Chinese is "1 glyph per letter and drawn 
left to right".  Yes, typing it is not done with "simple key presses", 
but Raster didn't ever claim that on his email.

"Very traditional" Chinese used to be written bottom-to-top, right-to-
left; but that hasn't been the case for a loooong time.

Then you go on about Japan... again, "1 glyph per letter and drawn left 
to right".  Your argument talks about Kanji and typing, and neither of 
these are ever addressed in Raster's message.

So, to the best of my knowledge, EFL is ready enough for CJK, and as 
such, OpenMoko is ready enough for most of the markets it will be 
initially launched on.  If you're part of the tiny exception, feel free 
to submit patches.

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