Will GTK be used in Openmoko?

Marc Bantle openmoko at rcie.de
Tue May 20 12:23:57 CEST 2008


Piotr Duda wrote:
> all we can ask is to keep us updated with such important changes...

i followed this thread for a while and couldn't reproduce the
emotional twist it did in between.

I appreciate Openmoko's decision to deliver an X-based qtopia
(I still curious how it will perform in comparison with the
fb-based qtopia) and efl-based core applications, I can
understand the disappointment rising from the way this
decision was 'communicated'.

I would have preferred reading a community announcement
by Michael Shilo (who btw. seemed to be surprised by the
decision himself) over reading it between the lines of
statements given by core developers or third party sources.

I am aware that communicating decisions still is a challenging
task and can easily leave some parties disaffected, once an
organization has reached a certain size. So, no flame here.

Cheers, Marc

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