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Ian Darwin ian at
Tue May 20 17:43:45 CEST 2008

Not to single out one or two posters because they might not be the ones 
who started this:::

>     The switch to QT
>     *requires* the abandoning of C in favour of C++, a language that I
>     personally find unsuitable for use.
> QT is C++, but you can write your code in C and just use the various 
> classes to get GUI widgets. I really don't see why someone that knows C 
> would have a problem with C++. I find some aspects of C++ irritating 
> compared to Java, C#, Python, etc.. 

Please change the subject line when you hijack a thread from 
"impressions of a software release" to "programming language flame war".

Thank you.

Ian Darwin (OP of the "ASU Software impressions" thread)

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