Switch from GTK to QT (was: ASU software - pre-pre-releaseimpressions)

Crane, Matthew mcrane03 at harris.com
Tue May 20 20:31:57 CEST 2008

If it has a C interface it's likely classes don't strictly mean c++

My 2c on c++..  

It is an extra magnitude of difficulty to get anything more then a few
developers to code in a consistent style when working with C++.
Requires strict discipline and coding standards.  Without such things,
it all de-generates at a rate proportianal to the number of developers
and amount of code being writen. 

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	Subject: Re: ASU software - pre-pre-release impressions
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Quoting Travis Tabbal (travis at tabbal.net):

> On Tue, May 20, 2008 at 12:39 AM, Carlo E. Prelz <fluido at fluido.as>
> > The switch to QT
> > *requires* the abandoning of C in favour of C++, a language that I
> > personally find unsuitable for use.
> QT is C++, but you can write your code in C and just use the various
> to get GUI widgets. 

Funny way to define the concept. I must disagree: if you "use the
various classes"
you write C++. 

> I really don't see why someone that knows C would have a
> problem with C++. I find some aspects of C++ irritating compared to
> C#, Python, etc.. But it's far from "unsuitable for use". I can write
> good and bad code in most any language. And there is nothing saying
you have
> to write your apps in C++. 

Subjectively (for me), it is unsuitable for use.

I write code as a job (have been doing that for longer than I wish to
remember). C and Ruby are my current tools. I know from multiple
personal attempts that C++ goes severely against my mental engrams. My
ability to pay my bills depends on how smoothly and effectively these
engrams operate. I cannot allow them to get disrupted.

My complaint is that it would be difficult for me to put my hands into
the default apps. They are C++, QT, and expectedly using enough of
those creepy C++-isms (possibly, even those yecchy templates or
whereabouts). I would be comfortable with tinkering with C&GTK main
apps. On the other hand, I would find C++&QT main apps closed boxes (I
perfectly know that I could very well write C/Ruby new code on the

> I just find it an odd thing to be so irritated about.

I do not know how you received the idea that I was irritated. I am
only a bit disappointed (after waiting for this project to produce its
fruit for all these years), and I wanted to let Openmoko know that
they have lost at least one (early-adopting) client by operating the
switch to QT. 

Later, if I find that the original OM core code works to satisfaction,
I may decide to buy the phone just the same.


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