Whats up with the freerunner mass production?

Roland Häder roland at mxchange.org
Wed May 21 21:02:15 CEST 2008

Hi Michele,

On Wednesday, 21. May 2008, Michele Renda wrote:
> When your wife is waiting for a child, I don't think the houseband ask:
> when it will come out? Why it is not already out ? :)

Probably he will not ask it. ;) In my view OpenMoko should take time in 
testing it. And as you can see on the bug tracker they still have to fix a 
lot bugs. I think this is the right link:

------- START ----------
------- END ----------

(long one!)

A good and complex product needs a lot time to develop, test and test 
again. :)

I don't mind if it takes 2 weeks longer and the people from OpenMoko (Sean for 
example) is keeping us up-to-date. Thats what they can do until it is 
released and ready for beta. :)

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