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Joachim Steiger roh at
Thu May 22 14:54:16 CEST 2008

Steven Le Roux wrote:
> What about Europe distribution ;). Let's come back to the subject :)

well.. i think that was already answered somewhere in the thread in
other words, but here my short version:

afaik there will be 2 possibilities:

- order at the openmoko us based webshop.
  - pay in us$
  - pay the (to europe quite high but not unusual) higher shipping fee
  - if not in the us: pay the VAT/sales tax of the target country on
recieving the package to the ups guy (usually in cash)
  - use a CC (currently JCB, VISA, MASTER. _no_ AMEX afaik)

- order at a local distributor
  - pay the local currency
  - pay for shipping if you do not pick it up yourself
  - pay the regional tax/vat of your county directly with the device and

so the bottomline is: us customers as well as worldwide can very easily
order directly at openmoko. but if you do not want to have the hassle of
 transatlantic shipping, different currencies etc or want local
warranty, buy at a local distributor.

i guess due to the shipping costs its cheaper and less hassle to order
single devices directly at a distributor. also these could have
different payment methods, but thats their decision.

kind regards


Joachim Steiger
Openmoko Central Services

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