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> Randall Munroe, the author of XKCD, suggests an excellent idea:
> Simply put, it's a GPS navigator that only repeatedly gives you the  
> direction towards the target (in “three o'clock” style) and the distance  
> to it, without using any maps at all. It probably won't help you in a  
> maze of twisty passages all alike, but should be good enough when  
> navigating in a city or suburb where roads are made to enable you to  
> reach places.

Stupid me. Should have done some research before posting. Of course, this  
exists and has been done long before routed maps even appeared. Garmin  
makes a range of those direction-only navigators, for example.

I've also found that I can turn my €500 device into a dumb direction-only  
one with the right settings. :-) For anyone owning a Garmin nüvi 360 or  
alike, that's Settings -> Map -> Map Info, uncheck every available map,  
then Settings -> Map -> Map View = Track Up, then Settings -> Navigation  
-> Route Preference = Off Road. This turns off map display and draws a  
straight start-to-finish line instead of calculating a route. However,  
voice prompts with bearing angles would still be nice.

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