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Thomas Ebi mr.ebi at
Fri May 23 12:25:01 CEST 2008

>> Hi all,
>> Currently, "ONLY PULSTER" is openmoko official partner in Germany and EU 
>> and He also is our first partner in world.
>> BR
>> Harry
> Well as official partner will it sell the 10pack with the goodies? If 
> Pulster doesn't is there another "reseller" that sell the pack?
> Cya!
> Pietro


I sent a mail to Pulster asking about this and they said that they won't be selling the 10pack but expect their price to be under that of an individual phone in a 10pack.

I also asked if it would be possible to pick up a freerunner directly and avoid shipping (this would have at least been convinient for me) but they said that it isn't possible due to some law.


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