Article about FreeRunner in Von Magazine (march/april 2008, vol.6, no.2)

Antoine Reid antoine.reid at
Fri May 23 16:13:05 CEST 2008

Good morning everyone.

There is a small article in the current edition of Von Magazine (Vol.6,
No.2) about the FreeRunner.

In fact, there is a picture of the Neo1973 on the first page in the Table of

Then, on page 10, there is a small article about FreeRunner.

For those who would like to see an electronic version of the magazine, point
your favorite browser to the following URL and navigate using the top menu.

The article itself can be viewed directly at the following URL:

I thought some of you might like to see the article, or maybe reference it
somewhere on the Wiki.   Apologies if this is old news..


PS: Disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated with von mag at all. I just stumbled on
a printed copy of the magazine at work...
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